Disadvantages of Drones

Although drones are useful in combat they also are expensive.  The MQ-B cost twenty cost twenty million dollars per system and the MQ-9 cost fifty-three and a half million dollars per system (Drones).  This does not include the price of the missiles that are used.  The price is a disadvantage but not compared to the civilian casualties that occur when these drones are used.  It is hard to get an exact number of the civilian casualties but organizations like the human’s rights watch and the United Nations have made multiple estimates.  One of these estimates was made but the Human Rights Watch investigated six selected airstrikes since 2009 and found that at least fifty-seven of the eighty-two people killed were civilians(Whitlock).  To me it is not worth using drones to fight this enemy if there are so many innocent people killed in the process.  This war is about the ending of terror, by using these predator we are causing more fear than we are fighting.  This war reminds me of a quote by the german philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

This war on terror is one of the hardest the United States has ever faced and are truly facing monsters.  Even if the enemy does not use ethical war tactics, the United States must be cautious and stick to our morals.  These use of humane war tactics are necessary and will help keep the Middle East people of our side.  The UN’s human rights investigator estimates that 2200 people have been killed over the past decade in Pakistan.  Of these casualties at least four hundred were civilians and two hundred were probable non-combatants, according to Ben Emmerson (Whitlock).  These statistics show that the casualties do not out weigh the benefits of killing these terrorists.  There is another logical problem with all of this, with all of the civilian casualties they are bound to have family members.  With the United States government killing these innocent people the family members are more likely to aid the terrorist.  They will want revenge and some may even act on these feelings.  The point is that even though we might have killed some terrorist with these drones.  We are also helping the terrorist gain new recruits of the process.


Comic about drones killing civilians

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